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ERP Integration

ERP - Manage & Plan Resources

The foundation that integrates with each distinct software module. Our ERP collects, stores & tracks your business activities, such as sales, purchase orders, payroll, chart of accounts, employee profiles, and consumer data. Our reporting tools interpret KPI & other important data touch points to help you plan your resources for profitability & efficiency.


There are various platform solutions to any problem a business may have with tracking and managing a certain touch point. Certain businesses at the end of the day may be relying on multiple platforms to successfully sync across all touch points. Having multiple platforms runs the risk of the platforms being incompatible or pertinent data being incorrectly or not synced over at all.

Our solutions

With our simple platform, anyone can start a new business or branch out to various other marketplaces without a hassle. It is the all-in-one platform that handles all front-end and back-end activities and maintenance. There is no need to use a different platform for inventory management, sales, shipping, analytics, or even employee scheduling.

Everything you need to run your business


From sourcing products, financing projects, creating sales, and employee management, this platform combines all these aspects into a one.

Compact Design

The compact design and interface create a modern and chic feel to running your business.

One Touch/Click

Have everything readily available with a simple click. From inventory, sales, consumer analytics and even employee payroll and scheduling


Use your historical data as well as data from other similar sources to predict and manage your resources for the future.

Ecommerce Made Easy

Launching to any marketplace is easier than ever with our platform and team of specialists that will ensure a successful launch to your marketplace.

Essential Integrations

Make sure all your business needs are met. We provide all the essentials in our platform as well as room for modification to make a perfect fit

Take out the guesswork when trying to grow your business with us. We will be there each step of the way with you to make sure you are always making the most informed business decision

Carley Bichel