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Expand your customer base and sell online with our Omnichannel solution! Whether you have 10 or 10,000 Product SKUS, IMEX support team will walk you through inventory integration and get you started in selling your products in your website & other online marketplaces. Our developers understand the API requirements and technical restrictions of marketplaces such as Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy. And have built our software to work in alignment.


Having a singular source of sales is no longer optimal with current consumer trends. Consumers are venturing out and purchasing from various vendors on multiple platforms for convenience or pricing. Businesses may not be properly equipped to branch out due to constraints on resources and know-how.

Our solutions

Make it easier than ever to integrate your storefront to an online presence and have it move across various platforms seamlessly. By allowing yourself to become an omnichannel business, you are able to reach a more diverse consumer base. Consumers have vastly different spending habits and by having more open points of sales and communication the likelihood of a sale goes up drastically.

Everything you need to run your business

Make it Mobile

Bump up your brand recognition and drive sales by integrating your products to more modern marketplaces such as Instagram and Facebook.

Seamless Sales

Customers will be able to easily shop and purchase on all channels seamlessly, allowing them to continue where they last left off on any device.

Centralized Management

With centralized inventory management, never worry about a missed sales opportunity due to inadequate stock on a storefront as all inventory is synced across all platforms.

Plan for the Future

Business is cyclical. Have more than one channel for a source of sales and income in the case one channel is in a downturn.

Diversity in Consumerism

Each channel appeals to a different niche or type of consumer, by having multiple channels the chances of converting a sale is raised exponentially.


From cafes, to restaurants to retail, we will provide you with everything you need to start selling and grow your business.

Having only one avenue of sales severely limits a business’s potential outreach and growth. Growth cannot happen with inaction. So, take the first step into something special and talk to us

Broddie Coldman