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About IMEX Global Enterprises Inc

IMEX Global Enterprises is an expert wholesaler committed to providing brand name products at the lowest prices possible to the retailers and other wholesalers nationwide. We offer wholesale solutions for a wide variety of categories such as Apparel, Automotive, Electronics, Cell Phone Accessories, Cosmetics, Hardware, Housewares, Jewelry, Pet Supplies, School and Office Supplies, Tools & Toys.

After operating successfully for 10 years, we have honed the expertise and skill set in the wholesale & online retail industry and have created an internal software solution for businesses alike to easily broaden their sales channel and manage all aspects of their operations’ resources including, inventory, payroll, purchasing, & more.

Ecommerce sales alone make up about 15% of all retail sales in the U.S. It is simply not a sales avenue businesses can ignore. Consumerism has changed rapidly over the past couple of years and some traditional businesses have struggled to adapt to the fast changing trends. Our platform will create a seamless transition from offline to online marketplaces that any business can adopt and use from day one.

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In 2009, we began as a small retail company then transitioned to more online presence as we noticed and adapted to the growing consumer trend of online shopping. We soon realized the small hiccups of moving from brick and mortar to online sales. Each and every small hiccup would require a unique fix that our team worked together to remedy. 10 years later, we are ready to help others in our situation back then.


To provide our clients with unmatched quality & service on name brand products and business software solutions in order to fit their unique business demands. We strive to make sure everyone is well accommodated and satisfied with each interaction.


We believe every business can flourish with our great products & software tools. Our partners should be as motivated as us when we are working together towards a common goal.We believe every business can achieve something phenomenal with great team members and resources behind them. We believe every business is unique and can bring something equally valuable to the table. Help us by helping you.


We are now online, thanks to IMEX! They helped us get our showroom stock to online marketplaces. We received an online order the very first day of live integration!

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IMEX has become our primary source for brand name wholesale merchandise. Not only do they carry great products, but are hands on and provide professional and helpful product advice!

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